Karen Peck & New River Collector's Edition! 2 CD Set


Collectors Edition! 2 CDs!

Disc 1
1. Opening Segment with Paul Heil
2. Bend in the River
3.He's Sending Miracles
4.God Still Answers Prayers
5.Interview "Trivia"
6.Rain & Shine
7.When Jesus Passes By
8.Ten Thousand Angels Cried
9.Interview 1993
10.Daddy's Home
11.God Likes to Work
12.God is Faithful
13.Christian in the House
14.Interview 2000
15.Four Days Late
16.I Wanna Know how it Feels
Disc. 2
1.That's Why They Call it Grace
2.Hold Me While I Cry
4.Last Night
6..Whispered Prayers
7.Ephesians Chapter One
8.I Want to Thank You
9.Why Can't All God's Children Get Along?
10.ON The Banks of the Promised Land
11.Good Things are Happening
13.Finish Well
14.Interview 2015
15.Pray Now
16.Closing Segment With Paul Heil