Four Tips To Manage Your Clutter

Published on 9 March 2022 at 19:42

Four Tips To Manage Your Clutter

    It's such an overwhelming job to move a pile of things from one room to another. That pile of things when left alone for a day seems to sprout more little piles in every room. So in order to keep them from sprouting up we move that pile of things from room to closet to empty corner; hoping each time that its moved it will be more hidden and will be forever forgotten. I wish! Instead that pile of things clutters up our living space and causes us stress. Well, here's some hope! Following these four steps will help relieve you of the clutter tension.

1. Define Your Clutter.

There are different types of clutter, and we can lean toward one type more than others. It's much less overwhelming to remove one type of clutter than going through the whole house playing the "keep it or pitch it" game on every item you own. What items or piles of them cause you stress? This question can help you identify specific areas of clutter. Here are some examples of the types of clutter. Paper clutter. Clothing clutter. Shoes. Seasonal Decorations. Kitchen utensils/tools. Books. Sentimental items. Identify one area and focus only on decluttering that area till you are satisfied with it. 

2. Do it with a Plan.

    Don't just plan to do it, do it with a plan. Removing those clutter items will give you so much freedom! But simply removing clutter may not solve the problem completely. You also don't want get neck deep in decluttering that it gets to discouraging to keep going. Schedule specific times for decluttering. You don't have to do it all at once. Plan out how you are going to get rid of clutter. Yard sale, Donating, Trash, Listing on Ebay, or Consigning. Putting items in  boxes or tubs and shoving in the attic does not count as decluttering. Plan to get it out of the house as soon as possible. Also have a plan what you want your space to look like with out clutter and your steps of action on keeping it that way. Be prepared to change some habits with this one.

3.Touch it Once.

    The least amount of times you have to move a box the quicker it will go. When decluttering, always start with an empty box,  put your decluttered items directly in the box. When the box is full set it by the front door; this will significantly reduce your chances of forgetting its there if you are tripping over it every time you leave the house. 

4. Clutter Hangouts.

We all have places in our homes where clutter just seams to pile up without any help at all. It's usually a flat surface, big closet, or hidden corner somewhere. These are clutter hangouts. When we have an item we don't like or don't know what to do with, we find ourselves putting it on the pile to take care of later. We might not have to look at it every day but we know it's there; and it drives us crazy! Right?! First step is to identify your clutter hangouts. We often have several scattered through our homes. Second step is to completely clear  the area of clutter by using the points above. Thirdly figure a way to keep the space clean of clutter by putting a plant there, or an item you really like and would like to see more often. this is fun way to be creative with your space. The limit is up to you! 

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